Edge Profiles

When choosing your stone benchtop edges, there are many options. We have listed the different edge profile options for you below:

Several options are available in stone thickness and edge work.

20mm thick is the standard thickness.

20mm, 30mm, & 40mm (Build up of 2 x 20mm’s)

Mitred aprons are also available from 30mm to 300mm.

Here at Stone Inspirations we mitre the 40mm edge at no extra cost.

20mm Arris

40mm (lamination) Arris

20mm Pencil Round

40mm (lamination) Pencil Round

20mm 10x10 Bevel

40mm (lamination) 10x10 Bevel

20mm Bullnose

40mm (lamination) Bullnose

20mm Half Bullnose

20mm with a Mitred Edge

20mm Shark Nose